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LVM copy LV to LV

Cloning LV to mirror Add /dev/vdc if you want to copy to a separate Physical device, yes you need to have it in your VG… Split mirror Split mirror to other PV External Links

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mount KVM used LVM on host

Identify VM which FS you need to mount on host. virsh list –all If that VM is on, maybe you can scp from there? If no, better poweroff VM. identify your VM used LV, or just check it: virsh domblklist vm01 Create a temp LVM to have your host VG identified: lvcreate -L 1M -n […]

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LVM resize xfs and ext3

Pridedam prie LVM particijos 1GigaBaita!: lvextend -L +1G /dev/DiskuGrupe/Particija Tada padidinam ext3: resize2fs /dev/DiskuGrupe/Particija Arba xfs: xfs_growfs /dev/DiskuGrupe/Particija