Customised keyboard layout

It took me a long time to get a correct keyboard layout for myself. First, it was Physical keyboard layout which was bad (I had ANSI one)! So my friend spotted me to different standards: can be seen here. Later when I got correct Physical layout (with BIG ENTER key) (Drevo BladeMaster Pro). Still something […]

meta tagai HTML’e

Sveiki, radau toki straipsniuką, kur išrašyti visi meta htmltag’o parametriukai. Atributas Šaltinis Apibūdinimas Allow rfc1945 Gives allowed http methods Alternates rfc2068 List alternate representations Bulletin-Date Lotus Date, e.g. 1997-03-24 15:57 Bulletin-Text Lotus Document description Cache-Control rfc2068 Directives to cacheing mechanisms Content-Base rfc2068 Specify base URL for entity Content-Disposition rfc2183 Specify content handler (Microsoft) Content-Encoding rfc1945 […]

BtrFS Prezentacija iš Avi Miller lūpų

I Can’t Believe This is Butter! A tour of btrfs. – Avi Miller Maža prezentacija apie BtrFS, manau verta praleisti 1 valandikę beklausant 🙂 Juo labiau, kad jin paviešinta 2012 Sausio 19

Debian GNU/Linux (stable / lenny) ATI Radeon X1950 Pro (two) dual head (monitors)

Hello, how are you mates? I have received second monitor at my job. I had to make everything work as i wanted to. 1) I wanted to make my second monitor show something 😉 So I made a simple command: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg then by pressing CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE i restarted my X […]

HP10xx Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 1020 Debian Lenny (stable) english

We will use: p910nd cups foo2zjs sihp1020.dl heh, I have installed many packages, so i might miss some packages please fix me if so… (maybe libusb, cupsys?) So lets add squeeze resource: deb squeeze main deb-src squeeze main to file: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/squeeze.list then install p910nd: apt-get update apt-get install p910nd and do not forget […]

Compiling your own Linux with Reiser4 support to your Lenny Debian GNU

Hello, How are you? I have missed functionality in my Lenny kernel… (I think it’s for the first time…) So I needed to compile my own Linux for my Debian GNU to make if even better then it is. I have received Linux/kernel package from here and reiser4 grab it from here. wget -c […]