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Install CentOS Linux 8 and similar

Everything here is not mandatory, but nice to have, at least for me 🙂 Partition layout External links

Fun OpenStack Paskaitos TripleO Trumpi

Build and set root pass for TripleO introspection and overcloud-full.qcow2 image

Build image Please keep in mind, that in the middle of C8 repo filenames were changed… and some package names… so if it fails, double check if all is good. Also I have enabled PowerTools (to help it find rubby, or some libs for rubby) and other openstack-ussuri-release repos… Ok, once everything is built, let’s […]

Belekas Trumpi

mount KVM used LVM on host

Identify VM which FS you need to mount on host. virsh list –all If that VM is on, maybe you can scp from there? If no, better poweroff VM. identify your VM used LV, or just check it: virsh domblklist vm01 Create a temp LVM to have your host VG identified: lvcreate -L 1M -n […]