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meta tagai HTML’e

Sveiki, radau toki straipsniuką, kur išrašyti visi meta htmltag’o parametriukai.

Atributas Šaltinis Apibūdinimas
Allow rfc1945 Gives allowed http methods
Alternates rfc2068 List alternate representations
Bulletin-Date Lotus Date, e.g. 1997-03-24 15:57
Bulletin-Text Lotus Document description
Cache-Control rfc2068 Directives to cacheing mechanisms
Content-Base rfc2068 Specify base URL for entity
Content-Disposition rfc2183 Specify content handler (Microsoft)
Content-Encoding rfc1945 Gives compression scheme
Content-language rfc1945 Natural Language of document
Content-Length rfc1945 Size of body in bytes
Content-Location rfc2068 Resource location for entity
Content-MD5 rfc2068 MD5 digest of entity body
Content-Range rfc2068 Range of partial response
Content-Script-Type html40 Specifies default scripting language
Content-Style-Type html40 Specifies default style sheet language
Content-Type rfc1945 Media type
Content-type rfc1945
Content-Version rfc2068 Version tag of evolving entity
Date rfc1945 Date message originated (HTTP format)
Default-Style html40 Set preferred style sheet
Derived-From rfc2068 Version tag of previous version
ETag rfc2068 Entity tag for resource identification
Expires rfc1945 Expiry date of document (HTTP date format)
Ext-cache Netscape Alternate cache path
Instance-Delegate SHOE Pointer to Ontology Key
Instance-Key SHOE Ontology Key
Last-Modified rfc1945 Date resource was last changed
Link rfc1945 Relationship to other resources
Location rfc1945 URL of resource
MIME-Version rfc1945 May indicate MIME-compliance. Ignore.
Page-Enter MSIE 4 Sets page entry transistion
Page-Exit MSIE 4 Sets page exit transistion
PICS-Label PICS Document content labelling
Pragma rfc1945 no-cache prevents cacheing
Public rfc2068 List of supported methods by server
Range rfc2068 Specify subrange (bytes)
Refresh Netscape Delay till browser reloads (optional URL)
Server rfc1945 Gives information about server
Set-Cookie Netscape Sets cookie value
Site-Enter MSIE 4 Sets site entry transistion
Site-Exit MSIE 4 Sets site exit transistion
Title rfc1945 Title of entity (obsoleted in rfc2068)
Transfer-Encoding rfc2068 Specify transfer (cf. entity) encoding
URI rfc1945 URIs by which resource is located. (obsoleted in rfc2068)
Vary rfc2068 Specify that request was selected from alternates (e.g. different languages)
Via rfc2068 Generated by gateways
Warning rfc2068 Warning about cache problems, etc.
Window-target Netscape Specify target window of current document

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