Kompai Paskaitos

Windows Linux alternatyvos


Description Windows Mandriva Linux
Web Browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla Seamonkey, Opera, Lynx, etc. Firefox, Mozilla Seamonkey, Konqueror, Opera, Nautilus, Galeon, Epiphany, Lynx
E-mail Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat, Eudora, Becky, Datula, Sylpheed Claws Mail, Opera Evolution, Netscape, Mozilla Thunderbird, Sylpheed Claws Mail, Kmail, Gnus, Balsa, Bynari Insight GroupWare Suite, Arrow, Gnumail, Althea, Liamail, Aethera, MailWarrior, Opera
E-mail, Console Mutt, Pine, Pegasus, Emacs Pine, Mutt, Gnus, Elm, Emacs
News reader 1) Agent, Free Agent, Xnews, Outlook, Netscape Mozilla, Opera, Sylpheed Claws Mail, Dialog, Gravity, BNR2 Knode, Pan, NewsReader, Netscape Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera, Sylpheed Claws Mail
Console:Pine, Mutt, Gnus, tin, slrn, Xemacs, BNR2
Contact Manager Outlook Rubrica, KAddressBook, Evolution
Download Manager Flashget, Go!zilla, Reget, Getright, DAP, Wget, WackGet, Mass Downloader, Teleport Pro, Httrack, Wget, etc. Downloader for X, Caitoo, Prozilla, Wget, Kmago, Gnome Transfer Manager, QTget, Xget, Aria2, Axel, Download Accelerator Plus, GetLeft, Lftp.
FTP Clients Bullet Proof FTP, CuteFTP, WSFTP, SmartFTP, FileZilla Gftp, FileZilla, Konqueror, KBear, IglooFTP, Nftp, Wxftp, AxyFTP, Midnight Commander (cd ftp://…), tkFTP, Yafc
IRC Clients Mirc, Klient, VIRC, Xircon, Pirch, XChat Konversation, Quassel, Xchat, KVirc, Irssi, BitchX, Ksirc, Epic, Sirc, PJIRC
Instant Messaging ICQ Lite, ICQ Corp, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, …Trillian ICQ (freeware, can replace all common IM clients), Miranda, Pidgin Pidgin (Nearly all IM protocols), Kopete, aMSN (MSN), Kmess (MSN), Licq (ICQ), Centericq (Nearly all IM protocols, console), Alicq (ICQ), Micq (ICQ), GnomeICU (ICQ), Ayttm (Nearly all IM protocols), Everybuddy, Simple Instant Messenger, Imici Messenger, Ickle (ICQ), Kmerlin (MSN), Kicq (ICQ), YSM (ICQ, console), kxicq, Yahoo Messenger for Unix, AIM, MSNre. (console)
A / V Conferencing NetMeeting GnomeMeeting (Ekiga Now), vat/vic/wb, rat/wbd/nte, NeVoT, IVS, Skype
Firewall BlackICE, ATGuard, ZoneAlarm, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, WinRoute Pro, Norton Internet Security, Sygate Personal Firewall PRO, Kerio Personal Firewall Kmyfirewall, Easy Firewall Generator, Firewall Builder, Shorewall, Guarddog, FireStarter, Smoothwall, IPCop, ZorpNote: these are all frontends for IPtables.
Intrusion Detection BlackICE, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, Tripwire, Kerio Personal Firewall Snort, Portsentry/Hostsentry/Logsentry, Tripwire, Tripwall, AIDE, ViperDB, Integrit, Cerberus Intrusion Detection System, MIDAS NMS.
P2P File Sharing Morpheus (Gnutella), WinMX, Napster, KaZaA (Fasttrack), eDonkey [Prop], eMule, TheCircle, Bittorrent, SoulSeek, Direct Connect Mldonkey. (eDonkey, Soulseek, Fasttrack, Gnutella, Open Napster, Direct Connect, BitTorrent), LimeWire. (Gnutella), Lopster. (OpenNAP), Gnapster. (OpenNAP), eDonkey. (eDonkey), cDonkey. (eDonkey), Gift client/server/fasttrack plugin (Fasttrack), ed2k_gui, Gtk-Gnutella. (Gnutella),) Qtella. (Gnutella), Mutella. (Gnutella, console), TheCircle, Freenet. (fully anonymous p2p), GNUnet, Lmule. (eDonkey), Xmule. (eDonkey), Bittorrent, PySoulSeek (Soulseek), Loophole (WinMX), Direct Connect, QuickDC. (Direct Connect), OverNet, Apollon, GrapeWine.(fully anonymous p2p), Snark. (Bittorrent), Sancho (mldonkey frontend), ktorrent, Vuze
FAX WinFax HylaFax, Fax2Send, Efax, VSI-FAX
Dialup Vdialer, etc Kppp, X-isp, wvdial. (Front ends: X-wvdial, kvdial, gtkdial), Gppp, Kinternet, Rp3, pppconfig + pon + poff, Modem Lights, Netcount. (console)
Remote Access VNC, Virtual Network Computing, Remote Administrator (Radmin), Remote Assistance, Symantec pcAnywhere, Windows Terminal Server, Rdesktop, Radmin, PC-Duo, Huey PC Remote Control (only for NT), Timbuktu Pro, LapLink, GoToMyPC, Bo2k and other trojans VNC, Virtual Network Computing, ssh, Remote management is built-in in XFree86, Remote management is built-in in KDE 3.1. (“desktop sharing”), Rdesktop Client, rsh / rlogin, telnet, Gtelnet, x0rfbserver, KDE Universal Remote Desktop.
Modem Terminal HyperTerminal, Terminate, etc Minicom + lrzcz + Kermit, Msterm, Xtel, uucp, lrzsz + cu from uucp.
Packet Sniffing Sniffer Pro, EtherPeek (TokenPeek, AiroPeek), Windump, Wireshark, MS Network Monitor, Iris, Lan Explorer, NetSniffer, Snort Wireshark, Tcpdump, Etherape, Ntop, ipxdump. (+ipxparse for parsing), Snort.
Port Scanning ShadowScan, ISS, Retina, Internet Scanner Nessus, Nmap
IP Telephony (VOIP) Buddyphone [Prop], Cisco SoftPhone, Skype GNU Bayonne, Openh323, OpenPhone, tkPhone, NauPhone, Twinkle, Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting), Gizmo (win+mac version also), Kphone, Linphone, Skype
Network File Sharing Windows shares NFS, Samba, Samba-TNG, FTP.
Local Network Browsing Network neighborhood Samba, KDE Lan Browser, lisa, LinNeighborhood, xSMBrowser, Komba2, Konqueror, SMB4K
Distributed Computing All projects, United Devices, Seti @ Home, Folding @ Home, Genome @ Home. All projects,, Seti @ Home, Folding @ Home, Genome, @ Home, D2ol.

  • Some versions for Linux run only in console mode.

File Tools

Description Windows Linux
File Browsers FAR, Norton Commander, Disco Commander, Volcov Commander, Total Commander (former Windows Commander), Windows Explorer / Internet Explorer Konqueror, Nautilus, Krusader, PCMan File Manager, Thunar, Midnight Commander, X Northern Captain, Deco (Demos Commander), Portos Commander, Konqueror in MC style, Gentoo, VFU, Ytree, Kcommander, FileRunner (TCL/TK), Linux Commander, LinCommander, Rox, Rox-Filer, Emelfm, Midnight Commander, Worker, Gnome-Commander, Endeavour Mark II, XWC.
Personal Media Player Management iTunes, Windows Media Player Amarok, Rhythmbox, Gnomad2, GTKpod
Archive Compression WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip, WinACE, UltimateZip Ark, File-Roller, Gnozip, KArchiveur, Gnochive, Unace, LinZip, TkZip.
Archiving, Console arj, rar, zip, tar, gzip, bzip2, lha tar, gzip, bzip2, Unarc, Lha, Infozip, Arj, Avfs. (The support of any archive from any program –…), Zoo, RAR, CAB Extract, 7-zip
Directory Comparison Beyond Compare, Araxis Merge, WinMerge, Minimalist GNU For Windows (diff.exe), Unison, kdiff3 Mgdiff, diff, patch, Xemacs, Xdelta. (make patches for binary files), Meld, Xxdiff, Unison, kdiff3, kompare

Desktop & System

Description Windows Linux
Text Editors Notepad, Notepad++, WordPad, TextPad, Vim, Xemacs, Gedit (Gnome), Kate (KDE), KWrite (KDE), Kedit (KDE), Gnotepad, Nedit, Vim, Xemacs, Xcoral, Nvi, Ozeditor, Emacs, Nano (It’s a free implementation of pico), joe, Fte, Jed, CoolEdit.
Multi-purpose text and source code editor SciTE, UltraEdit, MultiEdit, Vim, Xemacs Kate (KDE), Nedit, CodeCommander, SciTE, Quanta Plus, Vim, Xemacs, Mcedit (comes with mc), Jed, Setedit. (Turbo Vision looking style), HT editor.
Viewing PostScript RoPS, GhostView Okular, GhostView, Kghostview, GV, GGV
Viewing PDF Adobe Acrobat Distiller, GhostView Okular, Evince, Adobe Reader, Xpdf, GV, GGV, GhostView, Kghostview, Kpdf
PDF Creation Adobe Acrobat Distiller, GhostView, Ghostscript, Any Linux WYSIWYG program -> print to file -> ps2pdf,, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, PStill, PDFLatex, Xfig, Ghostscript, Tex2Pdf, Reportlab, GV, GGV, GhostView, Kghostview, Panda PDF Generator.
Cryptography EFS (standard), PGP-Disk, BestCrypt, Private Disk Light, PGP, GnuPG + Windows Privacy Tools GnuPG (console) + GPA, KGpg, and other frontends, PGP, Loop-aes, CFS, TCFS, BestCrypt, CryptFS, Truecrypt
Task Scheduling (Automation) mstask, nnCron cron, Anacron, at (standard, console). GUI: Kcron.
Appointment Scheduling Outlook scheduler KOrganizer.
Scanning Programs on CD with scanner, VueScan Xsane, Kooka, Xvscan, VueScan
Anti-Virus AVG AntiVirus, NAV, Dr. Web, TrendMicro, F-Prot, Kaspersky Clam Antivirus, F-Prot, Dr. Web, Trend ServerProtect, RAV Antivirus (Bought by Microsoft?), OpenAntivirus + AMaViS / VirusHammer, F-Prot, Sophie / Trophie, Kaspersky, YAVR.
System Configuration Control Panel, Msconfig, RegEdit, WinBoost, TweakXP, Customizer XP, X-Setup, PowerToys, Config NT setup (Red Hat), chkconfig (Red Hat), redhat-config-<feature> (Red Hat 8.0), xf86config, xf86cfg, Linuxconf, Drakconf (aka the Mandriva Control Center), Webmin, yast and yast2 (SuSE), sysinstall (FreeBSD), /dev/bare_hands 🙂
Boot managers System Commander, PowerQuest Boot Magic, GAG Grub, Lilo, ASPLoader, Acronis OS Selector, Ranish Partition Manager, osbs, Symon, Smart Boot Manager, Xosl, GAG.
Hard Drive Partition Management PowerQuest Partition Magic, Acronis PartitionExpert, Paragon Partition Manager, Partition Commander PartGUI. (GUI for partimage and parted), GNU Parted. (GUI – QTParted and GParted), Partition Image, fips, Diskdrake (Mandrake), Paragon Partition Manager, Acronis PartitionExpert
Backup ntbackup (standard), Legato Networker Clonezilla, Legato Networker, Lonetar, Disk Archive, Bacula, Taper, dump / restore. (console, standard), Amanda (console), Mondo Rescue. (backups that boot and auto restore themselves to disk)
Disk Imaging DriveImage, Ghostpe PartitionImage (GUI – PartGUI), Clonezilla, dd (console, standard), Mondo Rescue
Text to speech MS text to speech KDE Voice Plugins, Festival, Emacspeak, VoiceText, KTTS
System Monitoring System monitor (built-in) top and htop (console, standard), Ksysguard (KDE), Gnome System Monitor, Gkrellm, Survivor, Konqi, Several Plasma Widgets in KDE4 (RAM, CPU, HD space, Network)
Data Recovery Tools R-Studio (supports Linux partitions) e2undel, myrescue, TestDisk, unrm, Channel 16
Alarm clock MindIt! KAlarm.
PDA Tools Palm Desktop Kpilot, Jpilot.

Multimedia Audio/CD

Description Windows Linux
Music / mp3 / ogg players Winamp, Zinf, SnackAmp, Soritong, Apollo, K-jofol 2000, Sonique, C-4, Media Box Audio / Video Workstation 5, Blaze Media Pro, NEX 3, Real Jukebox, Windows Media Player Amarok, Rhythmbox, Songbird, MPlayer. (Frontends: SMPlayer, KMPlayer, Kplayer), VLC, Xine. (Frontends: Sinek, Gxine), XMMS (X multimedia system), Noatun, Zinf. (former Freeamp), Winamp, Xamp, GQmpeg, SnackAmp, Banshee
CD Burning Nero, Roxio Easy CD Creator K3b, Brasero, XCDRoast, KOnCd, Eclipt Roaster, Gnome Toaster, CD Bake Oven, KreateCD, SimpleCDR-X, GCombust, WebCDWriter. (CD burn server, usable from any remote browser with Java support),CDR Toaster, Arson, CD-Me (Creation of audio-CD), Nero
Audio CD Players CD player, Winamp, Windows Media Player KsCD, Sound Juicer, Gtcd (Gnome) + tcd (console), Orpheus. (console), Sadp, WorkMan, Xmcd, XPlayCD, ccd / cccd. (console) cdp. (console), BeboCD
Audio CD Ripping Cdex, MusicMatch, Streambox Ripper, Audiocatalyst, WinDac, Audiograbber, Media Box Audio / Video Workstation, CD-Copy, Blaze Media Pro, Real Jukebox, Windows Media Player, Nero, VirtualDrive, VirtualCD, Audacity Grip, KAudioCreator, Sound Juicer, RipperX, tkcOggRipper, A Better CD Encoder, cdda2wav (CLI), Gnome Toaster, Cdparanoia, Cd2mp3, Dagrab, SimpleCDR-X, RatRip, AutoRip.
MIDI Player Winamp, Windows Media Player xmms + midi-plugin. (Using TiMidity), xmms + awemidi-plugin. (Using drvmidi), xmms + playmidi-plugin. (Using playmidi), TiMidity++. Supports gus pathes and sf2 banks, backend to another software, timidity-eawpatches, Gus-patches for TiMidity++, Kmid, drvmidi / awemidi, pmidi (console, for ALSA), playmidi, atmidi.
Midi + Karaoke Player VanBasco Kmid. Gkaraoke. TiMidity++.
Mp3 Encoders Lame, Cdex, MusicMatch, Streambox Ripper, Audiocatalyst, Blaze Media Pro, Media Box Audio / Video Workstation, AudioSlimmer, Real Jukebox Lame, Bladeenc, NotLame, L3enc, gogo.
OGG Encoders oggenc oggenc
Real Media RealPlayer, Mplayer + libraries. RealPlayer, Mplayer + libraries, ReMedial.
Radio VC Radio, FMRadio, Digband Radio Streamtuner, xradio, cRadio, Xmradio, RDJ, RadioActive, XMMS-FMRadio, Gqradio, Qtradio
Audio Editing SoundForge, Cooledit, Audacity Audacity, Glame, Rezound, Sweep, WaveForge, Sox, GNUSound, Ecasound, SoundStudio, mhWaveEdit.
Multitrack Audio Processor Cubase Ecasound, Ardour
Sound Mixer sndvol32 Opmixer, aumix, mix2000, KMix, Alsamixer, GMix, wmix (for WindowMaker), Mixer_app (for WindowMaker), Many applets for AfterStep / WindowMaker / FluxBox
Music Notation Finale, Sibelius, SmartScore LilyPond, Noteedit,MuX2d
Midi-sequencer Cakewalk RoseGarden, Brahms, Anthem, Melys, MuSE, MidiMountain.
Music Creation Cakewalk, FruityLoops RoseGarden, Ardour.
ID3-Tag Editors Mp3tag EasyTAG, Cantus, id3tool (console), id3ed (console), id3edit (console).
Streaiming Audio Capture Twins Stream Ripper Stream Ripper

Multi-Media Graphics

Description Windows Linux
Graphics Viewers ACDSee, IrfanView, Xnview, CompuPic [Prop], Windows Fax and Image viewer, Any web browser Xnview, GQview, Qiv, CompuPic, Kuickshow, Kview, GTKSee, xv, pornview, imgv, Gwenview, Gliv, Showimg, Fbi, Gthumb, PixiePlus, Electric Eyes (Gnome), Eye of Gnome, GImageView, Hugues Image Viewer, Any web browser
Simple Bitmap Editors Paing Kpaint, Tuxpaint, Xpaint, Gpaint, Killustrator, Graphtool
Advanced Graphic/Photo Editors Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, Pixel32, Corel PhotoPaint, Macromedia Fireworks Gimp, ImageMagick, Pixel32, CinePaint, RubyMagick, Corel PhotoPaint 9
Vector Graphic Editors Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, AutoSketch, OpenOffice Draw Inkscape, sK1, Sodipodi, xfig, Sketch, Karbon14 and Kontour, OpenOffice Draw, Dia, Tgif, Gestalter, ImPress, Tkpaint, Tgif, Corel Draw 9
Scalable Vector Graphic Editors WebDraw Inkscape, sK1, Sodipodi, Dia, Sketch
Text Decoration Wordart, OpenOffice Draw OpenOffice Draw
ASCII Drawing ANSI DRAW, Mazaika CanvASCII, Jave, ANSI Draw, EDASCII
Flash Players Flash Player SWF Macromedia Flash Player, Flash Player, Plugin for Netscape/Mozilla
Flash Creation Macromedia Flash DrawSWF. Ming. (Creating flash swf output from programming languages)
3D-Graphics 3D Studio MAX, Maya, Povray Blender, Maya, KPovModeler, K3Studio, Moonlight, GIG3DGO, Povray, MegaPov, K3D, Wings 3D, Softimage XSI, Kludge3d
Icon editor Microangelo Gnome-iconedit, Kiconedit
Screenshots Integrated with system (PrintScreen), Snag it Ksnapshot, Xwpick, Xwd, xgrabsc, Motv (xawtv), Streamer (video), Integrated with window manager (various hotkeys)
Database Structure Access Dia, Toolkit for Conceptual Modelling
Digital Camera/Photo Organizers Polaroid Drivers Camera Tool (gtkam), Gphoto2, Kphoto, F-Spot, digiKam

Multimedia Video

Description Windows Linux
Video/MPEG4 Players BSplayer, Zoomplayer, Windows Media Player, VideoLAN, Winamp3, Mplayer, RealPlayer, Xing, Simplayer Mplayer. (Frontend: Kplayer),(LiveCD distribution of Mplayer – MoviX), Xine. (Frontends: Sinek, Totem), VideoLAN, Aviplay, Winamp3, Noatun, KDE Media Player, XMovie, Kaboodle, MpegTV, Avifile, Xmps, Ogg Tarkin (???), Theora (???)
DVD Players PowerDVD, WinDVD, MicroDVD, Windows Media Player, VideoLAN Ogle, Mplayer, Xine, Aviplay, VideoLAN, OMS,
DVD Ripping/Encoding Gordian Knot, Mencoder (from Mplayer) Drip, Transcode, Mencoder. (from Mplayer), Ffmpeg, DVD::Rip.
Simple Video Creation/Editing Windows Movie Maker iMira Editing, MainActor, Broadcast 2000, Avidemux.
Professional Video Production Adobe Premiere, Media Studio Pro iMira Editing, Cinelerra, MainActor, Broadcast 2000, Lives, CinePaint, Heroine Virtual.
Cutting Video Virtual Dub Avidemux, Kino.
Video Conversion Virtual Dub, Mencoder (from Mplayer) Transcode, Mencoder (from Mplayer), Ffmpeg.
TV Tuners AVerTV, PowerVCR 3.0, CinePlayer DVR, Mplayer, GBPVR Tvtime, Kwintv, Xawtv, Zapping, GnomeTV, Mplayer, Xawdecode, MythTV
Creation of 2D and 3D effects Adobe After Effects Shake. [Proprietary, $129.95], Plugins for Gimp.
Animation Animation Shop CinePaint, Plugins for Gimp, Blender
Landscape / terrain generation Bryce Terraform.


Description Windows Linux
Office Suite MS Office, StarOffice / OpenOffice, 602Software, WordPerfect Office 2000 OpenOffice, StarOffice, Koffice, HancomOffice, Gnome Office, Applixware Office, Siag Office, TeX, LaTeX,
Word Processors Word, StarOffice / OpenOffice Writer, 602Text, Abiword Abiword, TextMaker, WordPerfect, Ted, StarOffice / OpenOffice Writer, Kword, LyX, Kile (KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment).
Spreedsheets Excel, StarOffice / OpenOffice Calc, 602Tab Gnumeric, Abacus, StarOffice / OpenOffice Calc, Kspread.
Graphing/Charting Data Excel, MicroCall Origin Kivio, Dia, KChart, xfig, Gnuplot, GtkGraph, GNU Plotutils. Ploticus.
Presentations MS PowerPoint, StarOffice Presentation, OpenOffice Impress StarOffice Presentation, OpenOffice Impress, Kpresenter, MagicPoint, Kuickshow & gimp 🙂
Databases MS Access, InterBase6, OpenOffice + MySQL. Kexi, KNoda, Gnome DB Manager, OpenOffice + MySQL, InterBase7, InterBase6, Berkley DB, Rekall, StarOffice Adabase.
Financial Market Analysis Omega Research Trade Station 2000 The Market Analysis System (MAS)
E-commerce and Web Business Weblogic, IBM WebSphere Application Server, iPlanet, osCommerce, JOnAS, COCOON Weblogic, JBoss, IBM WebSphere Application Server, osCommerce, JOnAS, COCOON
Personal Finance MS Money, Quicken, Moneydance Skrooge, GNUcash, GnoFin, KMyMoney, Grisbi, Moneydance
Project Management MS Project, Project Expert 7 KPlato, Mr Project, Outreach, Planner


Description Windows Linux
General Resources Enourmous Selection The Linux Game Tome ( | | Kde Games | Linux Game Publishing,

Programming and Development

Description Windows Linux
IDE Microsoft VisualStudio .net, Emacs, XEmacs, Vim + ctags + scripts from, Boa Constructor, PythonCard CodeForge, Kdevelop + Qt3 Designer, Eclipse, Glade + Motor or + Xwpe or + any text editor, Emacs, XEmacs, Vim + ctags + scripts from, Boa Constructor, PythonCard.
Visual C++ IDE Borland C++ Builder, MS Visual C Anjuta + Glade + Devhelp, KDE Studio Gold, Dev-C++, Kylix (Kylix Personal Edition is free), vtkBuilder, foxBuilder, wxDesigner, Arriba, Code Crusader, CodeWarrior, Gbuilder, Source Navigator, TimeStorm, Understand for C++, SlickEdit, Vide
C++ IDE Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS, , Minimalist GNU For Windows (mingw32-gcc.exe) GCC (+ Motor or + Xwpe), LinEdit, Rhide, Wxstudio, Eclipse
Object Pascal IDE Delphi Kylix. (Kylix Personal Edition is free), Lazarus + FPC.
Pascal Pascal, BP Freepascal, GNU Pascal (gpc), RShell (in style of Borland Pascal 7.0)
Basic Basic Hbasic, X-basic, Yabasic, SmallBASIC.
Prolog VisualProlog, Mercury, SICStus Prolog GNU Prolog, Mercury, SWI-Prolog, SICStus Prolog, CIAO Prolog.
Assembler TASM, MASM, NASM NASM. (Intel syntax), FLAT Assembler, gas. (AT&T syntax, part of binutils).
Disassembler, Design Recovery SoftIce ldasm
Debugger WinDbg, Minimalist GNU For Windows (gdb.exe), ddd, xxgdb, mxgdb, CGDB, Vim scripts, [X]Emacs C-mode, KMD, NANA
WYSIWYG HTML Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage, Netscape / Mozilla Composer, Openoffice HTML editor Netscape / Mozilla Composer, Openoffice HTML editor, Amaya, GINF (Ginf is not Frontpage), IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder, JXHTMLEDIT (Java).
HTML / DHTML editor HomeSite, Coffeecup, Arachnofilia Quanta Plus, Bluefish, WebMaker, Screem, Toppage, WebDesigner, ScriptEditor, August, Coffeecup / Linux, FCKeditor, Arachnofilia
XML Editor XML Spy XMLMind XML Editor, Vim, Emacs.
Perl/Python/Tcl IDE Komodo Komodo, Perl Dev Kit.
Java IDE JBuilder, IDEA Jbuilder, NetBeans, Eclipse, Sun ONE Studio. [formerly Forte], Vide.
J2EE based application server ??? JBoss.
IDE for Oracle Database development T.O.A.D., SQL Navigator, PL/SQL Developer Tora
CASE-facility for UML ArgoUML, Together ControlCenter Umbrello UML Modeller, Dia+Dia2Code, PoceidonCE (community edition), ArgoUML, Together ControlCenter
Top-level CASE system Rational Rose. Rational Rose.
HEX-editor Hiew Biew, KHexEdit, hexedit (console), GHex
Clipper Compiler and Preprocessor CA-Clipper, The Harbour Project Clip, The Harbour Project, xHarbour.
Platform in dot-net style Microsoft .Net Mono, DotGNU/Portable.NET
CVS WinCVS, TortoiseCVS, cvs for Windows, BitKeeper cvs (console), Cervisia (KDE), Lincvs. (Front-end for CVS), BitKeeper, SubVersion. (enhanced CVS-like platform + WebDAV -> SCM)
IDE for Interbase/Firebird development IBExpert IBAccess, IBAdmin, IBWebAdmin (apache / php)
Visual Basic Visual Basic Phoenix, KBasic, HBasic, Mono
Graphical libraries WinAPI, MFC, VCL (C, C++), Tk (Tcl, C), Tkinter (over Tk for Python, Perl, etc), wxWindows (C++) (over winapi), wxPython (Python) (over wxWindows), GTK+ (link #2) (C, C++), Qt (C++), FLTK (C++), AWT, Swing (Java), Xaw – part of X-server (C) X11/Xext (C) – low level libraries, used by others, Xt – X Toolkit (C) – reference X11 toolkit, Xaw – MIT Athena (C) – reference X11 toolkit, Xaw3d – MIT Athena 3D (C) – Athena with 3D-view, LessTif – opensource analog of Motif 1 (C), OpenMotif (C),Tk (Tcl, C), Tkinter (over Tk for Python, Perl, etc), wxWindows (C++) (over GTK+ – wxGtk or Motif – wxMotif), wxPython (Python) (over wxWindows),) Qt (C++), GTK+ (C, C++), PyQt (over Qt for Python), PyGTK (over GTK+ for Python), Gtk::Perl (over GTK+ for Perl), Qt for Perl (over Qt for Perl), GtkAda (over GTK+ for Ada95), FLTK (C++), XView (C), FOX (C++), AWT, Swing (Java), WinAPI and MFC through wine (C)
Source Code Documentation System ??? Doxygen, CWEB
Memory Leak Tracing Numega Bounds Checker, Rational Purify MallocDebug, Valgrind, Kcachegrind, ElectricFence, dmalloc, ccmalloc, LeakTracer, memprof, BoundsChecker, mprof, Insure, dbx. (for Sparc), YAMD, Njamd, Mpatrol
Application Development Profiling (tests code performance) ??? gProf, JUnit. (Java)
Software projecting Rational Rose, Enterprise Architec, Visio ???
Game programming DirectX, libSDL, ClanLib libSDL, ClanLib
Bug Tracking System ??? Bugzilla.
Object Request Broker (ORB) ORBIT ORBIT
Portability ??? Autoconf, Automake & Libtool.
Source code indexer and cross-referencer ??? GNU GLOBAL, LXR.
Dynamic tracer of system calls ??? Syscalltrack.
XML C parser libxml (???) Libxml2.
FoxPro Visual FoxPro qwerty

Server Softwre

Description Windows Linux
Web (HTTP) Server Apache, IIS, Roxen, wn, cern-httpd, dhttpd, caudium, aolserver, Boa Apache, Xitami, Thttp, TUX (Red Hat Content Accelerator), PublicFile, Boa, Caudium, Roxen, Zeus, Thy.
FTP Server Internet Information Server, ServU, War FTP, BulletProof FTP server, FileZilla server, pure-ftpd, vsftpd, wu-ftpd, proftpd, gl-ftpd, ftp, PublicFile, Teepeedee
Web Development Languages PHP, Perl, ASP PHP, Perl, ASP module for Apache
Database Engine MS SQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, Informix, Borland Interbase, FireBird Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, PostgreSQL, The most advanced open source database, MySQL, The most popular open source database, mSQL, SAP DB, IBM DB2, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL Linter (cyrillic), Informix, Firebird
Email Servers MDaemon, Hamster Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, Exim.
Email / PIM / Groupware server Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino Citadel, CommuniGate Pro, Bynari’s Insight GroupWare Suite, Samsung Contact, Teamware Office, Novell Netmail, Amphora. (Zope / Qmail), Tutos. (Apache / PHP / Mysql / Sendmail), Kroupware. The project from the KDE PIM developers, which is being financed by the government of Germany, SuSe Linux Openexchange Server, PHPGroupware, SCOoffice Mail Server (SCO – m.d. :), LinuXchangE, Groupware Project, Tiki CMS/Groupware. (Apache / PHP / Mysql), Lotus Domino
Mail filter / spam killer cygwin+Exim port SpamAssassin, Procmail, Mailfilter, Cyrus-imap, Exim, POPFile.
Mail downloader MDaemon Fetchmail
Server / router on one diskette. Impossible muLinux, Dachstein (firewall / dhcp), Serverdisk (http / ftp), Fli4l
Proxy server MS Proxy Server, WinGate Squid, Paco, Privoxy, Wwwoffle, OOPS
Server for supporting Java Servlets and JSP, can work with Apache Tomcat Tomcat
Advanced server statistics AWStats AWStats. (All web-, ftp-, proxy-, mail-, wap- and streaming-servers), ANALOG. (Web-server), Awffull
Cluster Management ??? LVS – The Linux Virtual Server.
Cluster filesystems GFS, ADIC GFS, OpenGFS, Lustre. (not SAN compatible?), Matrix Server, CXFS, GPFS, Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS), Coda, Intermezzo,) Convolo cluster, ADIC.
Web Mail SquirrelMail IMP, CAMAS. (for Caudium web-server), SquirrelMail

Scientific and Specialty

Description Windows Linux
Check out this link Scientific Applications on Linux many links to both OSS and proprietary applications.
Math system in MathCad style Mathcad Gap
Math system in Matlab style Matlab Matlab. [FTP], Octave. (+ Gnuplot), Scilab, R, Yorick, rlab, Yacas, Euler.
Math system in Mathematica style Mathematica Mathematica. [Prop], Maxima, MuPad, NumExp, Mathomatic
Math system in Maple style Maple Maple, Maxima, MuPad
Equation / math editor Mathtype, MS Equation Editor, OpenOffice Math OpenOffice Math, MathMLed, Kformula (Koffice), LyX, Texmacs.
Programs for three-dimensional modeling SolidWorks,CATIA, SolidEdge ProEngineer Linux, CATIA. It was designed under Unix, and from version 4 (2000) it was ported under Windows (not too successfully), SolidEdge (part of more powerful package Unigraphics).
Engineering ANSYS ANSYS
CAD/CAM/CAE AutoCAD, Microstation, ArchiCAD Varkon, Linuxcad, Varicad, Cycas, Tomcad, Thancad, Fandango (alpha-version), Lignumcad, Giram, Jcad, QSCad, FreeEngineer, Ocadis, PythonCAD, OpenCascade
CAD/CAM/CAE, simplified AutoCAD Lite Qcad
Desktop Publishing Systems Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress Adobe Framemaker. [Proprietary, cancelled]
Small desktop publishing systems MS Publisher Scribus – Desktop Publishing for Linux, KWord.
Diagram and chart designer Microsoft Visio Kivio (Koffice), Dia, KChart, xfig, Tgif + dotty, Tulip, Poseidon for UML, JGraph + JGraphPad. (Java)
Geographic image processing software Erdas Imagine, ER Mapper, ENVI ENVI.
GIS (Geographical information system) ArcView All projects: FreeGIS Project, Grass, Quantum GIS, PostGIS, FreeGIS, MapQuest, MapBlast
Interactive Geographic Data Viewer Thuban Thuban
Vectorization of bitmaps MapEdit, Easy Trace Autotrace.
Software CNC, controlling machine tools OpenCNC [Prop] EMC.
Advanced text processing system in TeX style MikTex, emTeX (DOS) TeX, TeTeX / LaTeX, LyX (WYSIWYM), Kile
Convenient, functional and user-friendly TeX-files / dvi-files editor. WinEdt Kile (KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment), Ktexmaker2, Tk LaTeX Editor.
Statistical Computing Language and Environment S-PLUS R.
Statistical analysis SPSS, Statistica, SalStat PSPP, OpenStat2, “Probability and Statistics Utilities for Linux users”, SalStat.
Econometrics Software Eviews, Gretl Gretl
Emulation of the circuit Electronic Workbench, Altera MaxPlus+ Geda, Oregano, Xcircuit, Gnome Assisted Electronics, SPICE. SPICE OPUS, NG-SPICE.
Program to draw chemical structures Chemdraw, Isisdraw Xdrawchem.
Downloader and player for Olympus dictophone Olympus DSS Player ???
Market analysis MetaStock ???
Electronics scheme design PCAD, OrCad, Visio Eagle, Geda
The oscilloscope emulation Winoscillo Xoscope
Measurement of the temperature and voltages on motherboard MBMonitor, PCAlert, Speedfan KSensors, KHealthCare (KDE), Gkrellm + plugins + blackbox addons
S.M.A.R.T-attributes and temperature of the hard disk Bundled on CD with mainboard, Active SMART smartctl, Hddtemp-0.3, IDEload-0.2, Smartsuite-2.1, Smartmontools, Ide-smart, Smartsuite
Memory testing SiSoft SANDRA Memtest86.
Program for watching temperatures, fanspeeds, etc SiSoft SANDRA, SiSoft SAMANTHA Ksensors, Lm_sensors, xsensors, wmsensormon and other applets for AfterStep / WindowMaker / FluxBox
HDD testing / benchmarking SiSoft SANDRA, SiSoft SAMANTHA, IOzone hdparm, Bonnie++, IOzone, Dbench, Bonnie, IO Bench, Nhfsstone, SPEC SFS.
Video testing / benchmarking Final Reality X11perf, Viewperf
Realtime Control SHA Sybera Hardware Access DIAPM RTAI – Realtime Application Interface
Simulator of nets ??? NS
Neural network simulation ??? Xnbc, Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS).
“Sensor for LCD” ??? Sensors-lcd.
Electrocardiogram viewer ??? ecg2png.
A software technology, that turns x86 computer into a full-function PLC-like process controller SoftPLC MatPLC
Catalog of software translators ??? Linux for translators.
Translation memory Trados Translators Workbench, Deja Vu, Star Transit, SDLX, OmegaT OmegaT.
Catalog of educational software ??? SchoolForge, Seul / EDU.
Designing and viewing DTDs NearFar Designer ???
Finity Element Analysis ??? FELT (Finity Element Analysis)


Description Windows Linux
Virtual machine emulator VMWare, Connectix Virtual PC VMWare, Win4Lin, Bochs, Plex86, User Mode Linux, QEMU, VirtualBox
Linux emulator CygWin, MKS Toolkit, Bash for Windows, Minimalist GNU For Windows. User Mode Linux
X Window System (XFree) emulator CygWin, MKS Toolkit, Bash for Windows, Minimalist GNU For Windows User Mode Linux
Windows emulator ??? Wine (GUI: gwine, tkwine), Transgaming WineX. (GUI: tqgui) [NF], Crossover Office
DOS emulator DOSBox, Dosemu.
Sony PlayStation emulator ePSXe ePSXe, Pcsx
ZX Spectrum emulator X128, Speccyal, SpecX, SpecEmu, UnrealSpeccy Xzx, Glukalka, Fuse, ZXSP-X, FBZX, SpectEmu
Arcade machines emulator ??? MAME, Xmame / Xmess, Advancemame Frontends:advancemenu. ckmame. flynn. gmame. gnomame. grok. grustibus. gxmame. it. it’s quit. fancy. kmamerun. kmamu. qmamecat. startxmame. setcleaner. tkmame.
ST emulator Steem. StonX, Steem
C64 emulator ??? Vice, Frodo
Amiga emulator ??? UAE, WinUAE
Mac 68k emulator ??? Basilisk II.
Game boy emulator Visual Boy Advance Visual Boy Advance, VGBA. (GUI: vgb-gui)
Atari 2600 Video Computer System emulator Stella Stella, Saint
NES / SNES emulator Zsnes, Snes9x Zsnes, Snes9x, FWNes, GTuxNes
M680x0 Arcade emulator Rainemu. Rainemu.
Multi / other emulators ??? M.E.S.S., Zinc


Description Windows Linux
Space simulator Openuniverse, Celestia, Zetadeck Openuniverse, Celestia, Kstars, Zetadeck
TV driver ??? RivaTV, ivtv
System, running from CD/DVD without installing (Live CD) Windows PE, PE Builder. Mandriva One, Knoppix, Cool Linux, Blin, DemoLinux, DyneBolic, Gentoo (live CD), Lonix, Virtual Linux, Bootable Business Card (LNX-BBC), ByzantineOS, FreeLoader Linux, MoviX, Freeduc CD, SuSE live-eval CD, Freedom Linux, Eagle Linux, Kurumin (Brazilian Portuguese only), Ubuntu Live, ALT Linux Live
Boot rescue/tools diskette Windows system diskette Linux system diskette, Tomsrtbt, BanShee Linux, RIP, Ultimate Boot CD
Creation of LiveCD for system recovery ??? Make CD-ROM Recovery
File systems FAT16, FAT32, NTFS Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, XFS
Local file systems mount ext2fs (driver), explore2fs (program) – ext2/3 under Windows Linux-NTFS. (driver for NTFS partitions mounting)
Installing software and uninstalling InstallShield, WISE, GhostInstaller, Microsoft Installer – the analog of rpm Rpm, Urpmi, GnoRpm, Nautilus RPM, Apt-get & frontends (synaptic, aptitude, …), Apt-rpm. (for RedHat, SuSE, ALT Linux, etc), yum (Yellowdog Updater Modified), yum enhanced by ASPLinux, Gentoo Portage
Installing software from source and uninstalling Minimalist GNU For Windows make install, make uninstall, CheckInstall, Sinstall, Emerge (Gentoo), Apt-get & frontends (synaptic, aptitude)
System update Windows Update Ximian Red Carpet, Red Hat Network, MandrakeOnline, SuSE YaST Online Update, Caldera Volution Online, Apt, Gentoo ebuilds (portage), Debian GNU/Linux package search, Yum.
Certification MCSD, MCT, MCSE Red Hat Certification, Sair Linux and GNU Certification, Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC), Linux+, Prometric, VUE
Icons on desktop Explorer Desktop File Manager, Idesk.
Work with screensavers Desktop properties xset, xlockmore, xscreensaver, kscreensaver
Place for keeping “removed” files Trash Trash Can, Libtrash.
Checking the hard disk Scandisk fsck -check or reiserfsck -check.Not needed with journaled file systems (reiserfs, ext3, jfs, xfs)
Defragmentation defrag Not needed
GUI of the system Windows Explorer Kde, Gnome, IceWM, Windowmaker, Blackbox, Fluxbox, etc.
Windows XP GUI Windows XP XPde.
Fast users / desktop switching Windows XP feature for non- networked computers Ctrl+Alt+F1, login as new user at command-line interface, start GUI by entering command startx – – :1. Switch between screens using Ctrl+Alt+F7 or F8 depending on user.2) Command “gdmflexiserver -n”. 3) Built-in in KDE 3.1.
Flavors of the system 9x, NT, XP RedHat, Mandrake, Knoppix, Debian, SuSE, ALT, ASP, Gentoo, Slackware, Linux From Scratch, …
Tactics FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) Open Source!”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.
Source code of the kernel freely available No Of course 🙂
Command line and scripting 🙂 , cmd.exe, Windows Scripting Host, 4DOS / 4NT, Minimalist GNU For Windows, Unix tools for Windows (AT&T), KiXtart, ScriptLogic Bash, Csh, Zsh, Ash, Tcsh
Free of charge operating system Microsoft Windows. (Note: Estimates are that in Russia 95% of users have a pirated copy of Windows). Linux – the Free operating system!!
The magazines Windows Magazine Linux Journal, Linux Gazette, Linux magazine, Linux pratico (Italy), Australian Linux, Linux Format
Fail! Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) Kernel panic, Screensaver “bsod”
Whom to curse for bugs and defects of the system M$, Bill Gates personally Developers of the distribution, All the Linux people and Linus Torvalds personally, Yourself and your own /dev/hands
Homebase M$.com,
Where to find out more
Dominant Vision Bill Gates, “Road ahead” Linus Torvalds, “Just for fun” 🙂
Seminal Publication Bill Gates, “Business @ the speed of thought” Richard M. Stallman, “The right to read”.The book: “Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman”

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